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When Friendship Goes Overboard

What will you do when there is a friendship affair? We all have close friends of the opposite sex that we pour our hearts out to and hang out with. It is perfectly acceptable in today’s society for men and women to be platonic friends. You may have your priorites sorted but can you say the very same for your other half?

With the openness of today’s society, how come you still feel that strange feeling everytime your significant half got a call from that his/her close friend? Maybe there was this person in particular that made you uncomfortable for reasons you can’t quite exactly put your finger on but not other close friends of his/her. How do you explain that?

Sometimes we have out instinct and they can tell you things you couldn’t see. If you are having any doubts about whether your spouse are cheating with someone close and you just can’t lay it to rest until you know for sure, check him out for alert signs below:

Observe the Way They Interact

Do they talk softly and laugh out loud on things that seems ‘exclusive’ to them? It would be odd, even rude to do that when other people (including you) were present and not know what they were talking about.

Are There A Lot of Flirtations?

Are there a lot of flirtations going back and forth like touching, play fighting, hugging and whispering taking place? Well this is obvious but if you caught them interacting at this level when left alone, you have good reasons to probe further.

Who Do Your Spouse Confide In?

Who do your spouse confide in – you or other person. Sometimes who we tell our heart contents out to depends on how well we can talk over the issue with a person. It may be fine if your spouse wish to have a little session of heart-to-heart with the friend on issues you already know and talked about. The problem only start when this friend actually know more than you do about your spouse because he/she has chosen to tell the ‘friend’ over you.

If you are part of the problem, it is natural to not consult you but it also give direct authority for this other person to barge in into your private lives. This will be very threatening to your position as the spouse and is highly indicative of cheating, if not internal problems in your marriage that may lead to cheating anyway. 

When you experience the friendship affair, you are actually experiencing symptoms of withdrawal exhibited by your spouse. It is a communication breakdown, a form of separation really. And if this other person have any ill intention to separate you two then he/she has got the advantage to sabotage it by poisoning your spouse’s mind.

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