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Spy on Kid’s Samsung Galaxy Secretly

You may want to know how to spy on Samsung Galaxy S7 secretly if your children are loyal Samsung Galaxy S7 users who have kept contacting others through Samsung instead of talking with you recently. Don’t you want to know what the children are doing on the Internet while using Samsung phone? Do have inappropriate performance online? Do they make friends with the unknown such as sexual predators or drug dealers? To learn what your kids are doing online and protect their online safety, it’s quite necessary for you to take actions to monitor Samsung Galaxy S7 secretly.

Why Spy on Kid s’ Samsung Galaxy S7 Secretly?

Obviously, it’s necessary for you to protect children’s online safety by tracking Samsung phone. But why do you need to spy secretly? Nowadays children are very sensitive and attach great importance to privacy. Children will get angry and even behave madly once they realize you are trying to watch their cellphone activities as they think that you don’t trust them. What’s worse, it may lead to tensions in the parent-child relationship. In such cases, it’s wise for you to spy on Samsung Galaxy S7 without children knowing. And iKeyMonitor spy app can spy in secretly which meets all your requirement.

How Does iKeyMonitor Spy on Samsung Galaxy S7?

iKeyMonitor Samsung spy app with its overall and professional features. Once iKeyMonitor is installed on Samsung, it starts a monitoring mode automatically without being detected by the target Samsung Galaxy S7. Besides monitoring invisibly, it also logs all the keystrokes inputted on Samsung, including usernames and passwords, typed email content, chat logs in social media apps and more. It also records website history, including date and stamp. iKeyMonitor also captures screenshots of Samsung activities, which cannot be logged by txt. More importantly, it sends all the monitoring logs to your preset email or uploads to FTP so that you can view logs remotely.

Besides spying on Samsung Galaxy S7, iKeyMonitor also enables you to set restrictions on app usage. For instance, you can block usage of some apps completely if you find that children have encountered dangers when using these apps. You can also use set maximum usage time for some distracting apps or block some apps completely. If you don’t want children to be distracted by some apps or games, then you can block these apps during homework time or bedtime.

Thanks to the powerful features of iKeyMonitor, you parents can know everything about your children in detail by spying on Samsung Galaxy S7 secretly. iKeyMonitor provides a three-day free trial for all users, so you can experience the features by yourself before purchasing the full-featured one.

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