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How to Monitor Kids with Mac Keylogger

Use Parental Control and Mac Keylogger to achieve Parental Monitoring is a very important thing, since there are a lot of unscrupulous people that would go to any extent to engage in indecent conversations and relationships with your children, which makes the Internet a dangerous world. To safely and securely monitor your children without any worry, you can make use of parental control app utilities and Mac Keyloggers.

The Guide About How to Set Up Mac Keylogger

  • Open "System Preferences" from the Apple menu.
  • Click "Accounts" to open the preferences panel.
  • Click the "Lock" icon and enter your admin password
  • Select the user account you want to monitor
  • Check "Enable Parental Controls"

To view logs, you can click Open Parental Controls – Apps – Logs to check what happened on the account. The logs include websites visited, applications used and iChat activity.

To monitor multiple users, you need to enable parental controls one by one and get into Account panel to view logs.


  • Parental Controls is only available in Mac OS 10.5.X and later.
  • You cannot monitor an admin account by this way.

To get more detailed information of your kids, you can install a keylogger for Mac to monitor your Mac. Some Mac Keyloggers works invisibly and do much more than just keystroke logging. Available features of a Mac Keylogger are:

  • Log keystrokes and passwords
  • Log websites and chats
  • Take desktop screenshots
  • Send log report emails

Mac Keyloggers can be used to all Mac users including admins. You don’t have to set up for every user. By only one option you can easily monitor all user accounts on a Mac. This kind of Mac Keyloggers run in stealth mode and your kids won’t have any clue of it.

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