From Twitter lorenzofb:
here’s a list of consumer spyware company’s that have been breached (or left data exposed) in the last 18 months.

  • Retina-X (Twice)
  • FlexiSpy
  • Mobistealth
  • Spy Master Pro
  • SpyHuman
  • Spyfone
  • TheTruthSpy
  • mSpy (Twice)
  • Family Orbit

Recent News about the hacked spyware companies.

mSpy leaked the login credentials and the iCloud account for about a million paying customers – Sep. 05, 2018

The phone spy app mSpy leaked the login credentials and the iCloud account for about a million paying customers — on an open database, according to a report from cybersecurity expert and journalist Brian Krebs.

Spyware Company Exposed ‘281 Gigabytes’ of Children’s Photos Online

Consumer spyware company Family Orbit confirmed that it left its cloud storage servers vulnerable to hackers.

TheTruthSpy – Spyware Company That Marketed To Domestic Abusers Gets Hacked

A hacker broke into the servers of TheTruthSpy, one of the most notorious stalkerware companies out there, and stole logins, audio recordings, pictures, and text messages, among other data.

Spyfone – Spyware Company Leaves ‘Terabytes’ of Selfies, Text Messages, and Location Data Exposed Online

A company that sells surveillance software to parents and employers left “terabytes of data” including photos, audio recordings, text messages and web history, exposed in a poorly-protected Amazon S3 bucket.

SpyHuman – Hacker Steals Customers’ Text Messages from Android Spyware Company

A hacker has stolen text messages and call metadata from SpyHuman, a firm selling malware to the everyday consumer. It’s the fifth such consumer spyware company to be targeted recently.

Mobistealth and Spy Master Pro – Hacker Strikes ‘Stalkerware’ Companies, Stealing Alleged Texts and GPS Locations of Customers

Nearly a year after Motherboard reported the data breaches of two spyware companies, another hacker has independently targeted two more.
JOSEPH COX 2.23.18

FlexiSpy – Stalkerware Company FlexiSpy Calls Catastrophic Hack ‘Just Some False News’

In the aftermath of a damaging hack, the company is keeping it quiet.

More Evidence of mSpy Apathy Over Breach

Mobile spyware maker mSpy has expended a great deal of energy denying and then later downplaying a breach involving data stolen from tens of thousands of mobile devices running its software. Unfortunately for victims of this breach, mSpy’s lackadaisical response has left millions of screenshots taken from those devices wide open and exposed to the Internet via its own Web site. 27.05.15

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