The modern technology has enabled the users to spy on someone’s computer without them knowing. In order to find out how your employees use or misuse company-offered computers, a computer monitoring software like Easemon is the best solution that helps you to know everything happened on the computer.

Let’s take a look at how it is possible and what you can get by using this spy app to monitor computer activity.

What Is Easemon?

Easemon is a powerful employee monitoring solution which you can use on Mac and Windows PC. It allows you to monitor the content that your employees type with the keyboard, record both sides of the text chats performed in chat clients, keep track of the URLs of the websites, track the application usage and much more. It works in stealth mode, and it builds up a mature and complete system to protect itself from discovery, bypassing and invasion.

How to Use Easemon to Monitor Your Employees

Employee monitoring is important to today’s businesses. You always look busy because you have to deal with everyone in the organization. You need to do your best to protect your business. The only thing that you need to do is bring computer spyware so that you are able to track employee’s activity on the computer screen. You can protect private data owned by the company through a computer spy app.

You can use it for the purpose of tracking the employees‘ computers screen in order to know what they are doing on the company’s owned machines during work hours. You can further use the website monitoring tool to set alert word category such as secret, inappropriate, websites, etc. This product enables you to keep track of your employees anytime, anywhere, whether they are onsite or remotely. It is designed to ensure that your company gets the productivity you expect from their employees.

To install Easemon at the first time, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up for a 3-day free account of Easemon.

Step 2: Log into Cloud

Log into the Cloud Panel to download offline installer on the target Windows PC or Mac computer.

Step 3: Install Easemon

Open the installer from the downloaded package and choose “Open“. Then choose “Install” to complete the installation.

Step 4: Start Spying

Start spying on the Cloud Panel.

Monitor Employees Computer Activity

Keystroke Logging: It allows you to record composed emails, log typed messages, accounts, passwords.

IM Chat Recording: It monitors both sides of messages in Skype and iMessage. Messages typed in other messengers can be logged by the keylogger.

Monitor Websites Visited: It keeps track of the URLs of the websites that your employees visited in Safari/Chrome/FireFox.

Application Usage Monitoring: It monitors the application usage. You will receive an app report so that you can detect who is wasting time to do things that are not related to work.

Alert with Screenshots Captured: It takes a screenshot automatically when a keyword you preset is triggered on the target device, which allows you to find the truth. You can also play the captured screenshots as a slideshow.

Email Notification: Once the configuration is complete, it will send you a notification email if a specific alert word is detected so that you can take actions as soon as possible. And it sends notification emails on a regular basis.

You can get their hands on the staff’s PCs screen activities and stop them from visiting inappropriate content on their devices. Easemon is easy to install and use. It always stays invisible and undetectable and it has a secured Easemon Cloud. Just bring the computer spying tool and you can spy on someone’s computer without any concerns.