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Tips about catching a cheating spouse

You may have been taking part in a large number of online quizzes of “Is he/she cheating on me?” before you get to this page of tips about catching a cheating spouse. You smelled something queer and now you are standing in the dilemma of devastating truth or happy life. It is unpleasant but true that you have to face the reality and do something to protect yourself and finish the unfortunate marriage.

Should I catch a cheating spouse?

Before you decide to catch a cheater, we have to remind you that “trust comes first”. Life is full of drama as coincidences and mistakes occur to everybody every day. Perhaps you and your partner become the lead of the drama. However, trust is dangerous as well because you may live in endless lies if you choose to believe in your spouse. We suggest you make clear whether it is the evidence of your spouse’s loyalty or the fear of your spouse’s infidelity that stops you from investigating and catching the cheating spouse.

Tips About Catching A Cheating Spouse

Keep a record of your spouse’s reports and activities

A cheating spouse may be confused and unsure about the stories he/she told you before because they are a pack of lies. They may change stories if you ask about the dates, hours, people involved, reasons or excuses and so on for the second time. Therefore keeping a journal can be vital to figure out whether he/she is lying or not.

Do not let him know your suspicion.

Without a doubt, it is hard to handle your emotions and feelings and act as if nothing happens before a cheating spouse. However, it can’t be more important to stay calm. Even if you are extremely angry about his/her lies, avoid saying anything about your suspicions, investigations or conclusions. When you are observing the cheating spouse, he/she is also monitoring you for signs of suspicion. And if he/she detects your suspicion, he/she will adjust his/her behavior to much more stealthy to conceal the affair. In a result, your investigation becomes more difficult or even unsuccessful.

Do not confront your spouse until you have proof.

It is better to gather as many evidence as possible before catching a cheating spouse. A cheating spouse will deny the infidelity by nature and then fabricates stories to patch up the lie. If you have no proof of his cheating behaviors, you lose your chances. Though you have enough evidence, do not reveal all of them at once. If you do so, there are chances for a cheating spouse to set up a story that fits all of your questions – even if the story is full of doubtful points. What’s worse, the cheating spouse will become alert, which leads to a harder process to go on with the investigation.

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