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Signs of Cheating and How to Catch without Breaking the Law

To catch a cheating spouse has become necessary when trust issues occur in marriage. In year 2002, Joan D. Atwood & Limor Schwartz published the Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy. It stated that 45-55 per cent of married women and 50-60 percent of married men are involved in extramarital sex affair at some point of time during their relationship. If that isn’t distressing enough, another study has shown that the average non-paternity rate is over 3.3 per cent. In simple words, 33 out of every 1000 children aren’t fathered by the men everybody thinks they are.

In this age of modernization and globalization as upsetting as it is the trend of not being satisfied by one person is gaining popularity in its own way. And people say you’ve got trust issues, of course, you do. When you know the person who is supposed to be by your side in sickness and in health is actually warming someone else’s bed, it’s quite acceptable to turn the knob and be a little paranoia. How to catch a cheating spouse? Here are the seven eye-opening ways to catch your cheating spouse.

Notice abnormal behavior of a cheating spouse

The very first lead you’ll get from the abnormal behavior of your partner. This could include their sudden plan of 2 AM shopping for milk and returning after hours (without the carton of milk). Or continuously smiling while texting someone, and it is definitely not their second cousin from California. Are they showing relatively lesser interest in you, both physically and emotionally, or cutting the discussion that includes any future plans? Are they interested in going out all dressed up nicely and smiling pleasantly, without you? Hate to tell you, but these changes are indicating towards one thing only, your relationship isn’t two sided anymore.

Look out for secrets deleted but not emptied

Your spouse doesn’t have to necessarily sleep with someone, if they are deleting any mail, text or are hiding any conversation from you; you know they are already there. So once you establish a pattern in their behavior, time to observe things really up close. It may be a hidden phone, or a phone number saved by the name of ‘Aunt Sara’ and you know, poor Aunt Sara won’t call your partner in the middle of the night and she sure as hell won’t send ‘See you tonight at Red Inn room number 22 and don’t forget the condoms, LOL’ kind of text messages. Often people delete these kinds of things and throw them in trash but don’t empty it that can be a place to find the answers you seek.

Change sleeping routine to catch a cheating spouse

After you’ve validated the obvious, it’s time to collect some solid evidence. Here’s how you can do it – After dinner tell your partner that you’re feeling unwell and want some rest, ask them to join you. Chances are you’ll hear “Oh honey! I am sorry but all the projects I am caught up with, I can’t go to bed right now, I am going to the study room, to work.” Don’t we all know what projects they are working on? So yes, you’ll wake up fifteen minutes later to find out that the study room’s empty and so is your garage. Not only late night, but sometimes people prefer early morning cardio classes at their ‘personal trainer’s house’ too (if you know what I mean). You can catch a cheater if you pay a little more attention to their ‘projects’.

Use hidden cameras to watch a cheating spouse

Now, it may sound like breach of privacy but speaking morally, you’re the one who’s being cheated upon therefore it is acceptable plus it will help you when you’ll take any legal action against your spouse. It will serve as admissible evidence in court of law. Hide the cameras at your place and you’ll know who knocks the door when you’re not home.

Follow your cheating spouse’s trails after fight

If you’re finding yourself getting caught in the middle of stupid and senseless fight that end up with your partner slamming the door and walking out and it is becoming every day routine, it’s about time you follow where your partner went instead of resolving the issue you were fighting upon. You’ll not be amazed to track a cheating spouse having wine and listening to melodious music with the adulterous lover, since you’re already hinted about the fact that you’re not the only one.

Give a surprise visit when they least expect you

This is the showstopper! When your spouse is cheating on you, neither will they expect you to pay them an unannounced stopover, cause hey, they’re busy screwing around nor will they be pleased to see you, cause hey, THEY’RE BUSY SCREWING AROUND. For instance, tell your spouse that you’ve a board meeting and couldn’t be home for the weekend. What better time than to call their inmates home? The entire weekend, right? Wrong! Bust the door open anytime you want and see the look on your ‘soul mate’s’ face. Catch them red handed. Catch a cheating spouse red handed.

When you have already sensed something wrong with your spouse, you’d better take appropriate actions to catch your cheating spouse as soon as possible. The earlier you found, the less you’ll get hurt. With these seven eye-opening ways, it won’t be a headache problem to catch a cheating spouse.

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