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Can I Spy on the Mobile Phone without Physical Access?

Software technology, especially applications for mobile phones, is developing at a rapid pace. A variety of software created for mobile phones emerge as the times require. One of the most awesome software is mobile spy phone software, a remarkable and overwhelming program for phone monitoring, which is no longer in the realms of fantasy but a reality nowadays. Mobile Spy software gives us a chance to stealthily monitor any mobile phone. However, there are many misunderstandings in using mobile spy software: people think they could spy on the mobile phone without physical access.

Actually, in order to make mobile spy app work, people need to run the installer file which should be physical installed on the cell phone, and then adjust the monitoring settings on the phone. So it’s impossible for anyone remotely spy on mobile phones by mobile spy software without physical access. Even though many mobile spy software vendors on the market today claim that their spy software can spy on any phone from anywhere without physical installation or achieve the purpose of remote installation via Bluetooth. These are scams. Please don’t believe what they advertise. They are really liars. Even if those Bluetooth mobile spy app products could work, you would still have to access the target phone to pair the two devices. Bear in mind if you want to monitor the mobile phone with mobile spy software, make sure that you could get physical access to the target phone.

What You Can Do When You Have No Access to The Target Mobile Phone

1. You have to quit the purpose of mobile phone monitoring in this case. However, if you still insist to spy on the phone without access for some reasons, try to create a chance to get access to the target phone.

2. Find applications for mobile phones. Such as monitoring the computer with keylogger or computer spy software. Even though you have no access to the computer, the remote spy software without physical installation will help you.

Phone Spy App