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Adopt Best Parental Control – Micro Keylogger

Nowadays the best parental control software is in desperate need. Are you really happy and assured if your kids are good at managing computer and devote much time and energy to it? Every parent may wonder what his/her kids are doing on the PC while he/she does not get around, and takes actions to protect the curious but innocent kids from being taken advantage by others with malicious intentions whenever dangers occur. In possession of two major functions of monitoring and blocking, Micro Keylogger is a wise choice for you.

Micro Keylogger- Fulfills You with Remote And Invisible Surveillance

The best spy software, first and foremost, should help you keep a close watch on your kids secretly. Micro Keylogger conducts stealth monitoring as invisible keylogger which will not appear on any process of the targeted PC. As for logging features, all the passwords typed in websites and applications, all the keystrokes typed on the PC, and the websites visited, applications used and files downloaded will completely be recorded. The desktop screenshots can be captured at customized intervals as well. In a word, almost everything happened on the monitored PC will be exactly logged and sent to your email/FTP automatically and secretly. The logs and settings of the device are well protected by password and customizable hot key, so anyone unauthorized could not access to them. In the end, as long as you are online, you can check on the logs in your email/FTP and know clearly what on earth your kids are doing on the PC. The best Parental Control software – Micro Keylogger- fulfills you with remote and invisible surveillance.

Putting full surveillance on your kids PC may be not enough, for it just helps you figure out the problems and how to solve them should also be taken into consideration. Here is the surprise from Micro Keylogger. As the best software for parental control, Micro Keylogger developed the Great Parental Control function – blocking websites and applications. Kids are interested in novel stuff, as a result, they are easily involving in sexual or violent websites or applications intentionally or accidentally. By adopting the best Parental Control software to block the inappropriate websites and applications, you can render your kids a clean, safe and sound online environment. When the blocked website is loading, the webpage will tell that there are server problems with this page instead of showing that the web is blocked, so your kids will arouse the suspicion that their PC is monitored.

With the professional monitoring and blocking features, Micro Keylogger, undoubtedly, is endowed as the best Parental Control software. Now get Micro Keylogger Free Trial and experience the best parental control software.

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